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We have hand-selected some fabulous items for The Alpine Boutique, but this is not everything, this is just the start. We will be adding to our collections all the time. If you don’t see what you want, ask us and we’ll source it for you.  All items can be delivered within Verbier, and further afield if required.

How can we brighten up your chalet? Perhaps a stunning Melody Sky print, or maybe a set of striking Swiss-made knives, or even better how about sparkly new sapphire around your neck?

Winter favourites

New Arrivals

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Chalet accessories Collection

We really hope our chalet accessories will add a sparkle to your day and bring life to your home.



kitchen accessories

table decorations

10% Off

alpine picnics

Just in time for Christmas or New Year festivities, we are offering 10% off our alpine picnics.

Artwork Collection

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furniture Collection

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kitchen Accessories

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