Inspiration: Learn to fly a Robinson R22 helicopter

This is the same helicopter the villains in Goldeneye use to escape from James Bond. Under the watch of a qualified instructor, you will learn how a helicopter works, feel how to control the engine, and learn initial flying techniques. If you would like to couple this...

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Inspiration: Damage Limitation Retreat

Learn how to minimise the damage your work hard/ play hard lifestyle has on your body. This summer or winter retreat is a long weekend that will provide you with a cheat sheet to a healthier body. The weekend consists of diet and nutrition tips, yoga, gourmet dining,...

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Inspiration: See Verbier from the sky

Get a bird’s eye view of the alps, and ski or jump off the mountain and paraglide down the valley from Verbier to Le Chable. Or, for the more daring, jump out of a plane and sky dive down to land.

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Inspiration: Learn to Telemark at night

The perfect place and time to learn telemarking is on a flood-lit piste at night.  You don't have to worry about having a lesson while you might be missing fresh tracks on the mountain, as the rest of the pistes are closed. We will take you to a private piste at night...

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