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Learn To Pole Dance: Private Group

525.00 CHF 490.00 CHF

  • Price per group not per head
  • 2 hour lesson
  • Learn to pole dance
  • Great exercise
  • Guaranteed fun
  • Learn in your own chalet
  • Learn with a group of friends


Learning to pole dance is one of the most exhilarating, exciting and challenging fitness experiences, it’s a fun, physically demanding form of exercise that can make you feel fit and sexy at the same time, and help prepare you for many other sports including skiing.  These classes run for two hours and we have male and female teachers so let us know your preference when you fill out our quote form.

Whether you’re wearing 6-inch heels or more traditional workout gear, pole dancing can makes you super fit while having fun at the same time. All you really need is a secure pole, (which we will supply), determination, and the desire to let go of your inhibitions.

In these classes you will learn a number of techniques such as:

  • How to stick to the pole:
  • The wrap around move
  • How to arch your body
  • A basic pole climb
  • A fireman spin
  • How to chair dance
  • and even some stylish floor dances

Top tip: *Avoid body oil or lotion. Avoid putting any oils or lotions on your body before you begin to pole dance. This will make you slide from the pole and could therefore even be dangerous.

We can offer this lesson in the comfort of your private chalet in Verbier providing you have the suitable space.  If you do not, we have access to various spaces in and around Verbier, and can arrange this for an additional cost.

One of the most important things to remember to do in life is to have fun, and a pole dancing class can certainly guarantee this.

Check out some of our teachers, Suzy and Fernando, in action:

Fernando, male Swiss champion 2015.

Suzy: rated 8th in the world for pole sports

How about a show in the privacy of your own chalet:


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