Learn Skiing Close Protection Skills

  • Learn how to be a bodyguard on skis
  • Close protection training on the slopes
  • Great fun for groups
  • Good team building exercise


Learn how to protect families and high-profile individuals on the pistes of Verbier.

You will learn how to be subtle and blend in with the family as if on a ‘normal’ ski holiday, while learning how to provide an exceptional level of cover against any threat on the mountain including nuisance attacks.

You will need to put in place the skills learnt in the self-defence lessons and will also be able to develop your ski technique to better navigate obstacles and threats on the slopes.

We will split you into two groups and the winning group is the one that gets their VIP safely down the mountain at the end of the day avoiding oncoming obstacles.

The group will spend a morning going through how to position yourself in a skiing formation with your VIP, picking up some ski techniques along the way such as how to change your pace and direction quickly, and negotiate difficult terrain.

How would you cope if your well organised plans for a restaurant at lunch are changed by your VIP because he has friends elsewhere?

We will test you on your ability to make decisions under pressure, how you improvise and adapt to unforeseen situations and your ability to difuse a situation and calm down irate clients.

How do you think you will fare?


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