The Verbier Spy Academy

"While the world might not be enough for Bond, THE VERBIER SPY ACADEMY provides entertainment, training and excitement for the most adventurous."

Combat training


  • How to safeguard a VIP in a protection scenario
  • Un-armed combat training
  • Heli-skiing
  • Avalanche safety and mountain skills
  • Paragliding
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Skydiving
  • Ice climbing
  • Snow hole building
  • Safe use and firing of handguns, kalashnikovs and sniper rifles



To pass through the Academy, students will need to show a number of competencies such as accuracy, coordination, precision, assertiveness, decision-making, strategic thinking, teamwork, fear management and the ability to keep calm under pressure.

There are also a number of James Bond lifestyle activities, which include driving in an Aston Martin; learning how to make the perfect martini on a glacier; drinking Bollinger; eating caviar and flying in private jets.

Thrill-seeking individuals wanting to immerse themselves fully into the life of a secret agent can undertake all activities as part of a bespoke SPOOKS ACADEMY SPECIAL WEEKEND, and for those wishing to dip their toe into the secret agent lifestyle, you can book each activity individually.


The Spooks Academy special weekend includes:

  • Fly in a private plane or helicopter
  • Ski backcountry slopes learning how to avoid the enemy
  • Drive in an Aston Martin
  • Feel the firepower of a Walther PPK and a kalashnikov
  • Learn vital sniper and pistol-draw techniques
  • Learn VIP protection and self-defence skills
  • Dine in a mountain restaurant and ski or toboggan down by torchlight
  • Make (and drink) the perfect martini, shaken not stirred
  • Run or ski off the edge of the mountain and parapente down to safety
  • Heliski down untracked slopes and through breathtaking glaciers
  • Learn how to avoid avalanches and alpine rescue techniques
  • Drink Bollinger champagne and eat copious amounts of caviar on top of a glacier

Email or call us to find out more about the 'SPOOKS ACADEMY SPECIAL WEEKEND', or to book individual courses.