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In order to get the best insider tips, we charge you for our time and our extensive knowledge of Verbier. This is broken down into a small sign-up fee, plus two different price brackets

Single Bookings

Longer Requests

AB Verbier VIP pass

Sign-up fee

The AB Verbier VIP Pass allows you access to our private What’s app booking number-where you can message through your urgent booking requests. For all non-urgent requests please email us at ABVerbierpass@abverbier.com.

We can organise itineraries for you that you then book yourselves; or itineraries plus the reservation calls; or if you know where you want to be but don’t have the time to book, we can just make the calls for you – the price starts at 100 CHFs, paid in advance, and this increases the more services you require, and the more changes you make.

For requests, we will aim to get back to you within 2 hours, however in busy periods, please allow up to 36-48 hours for a response to emails, whatsapp messages should get a faster response. *If we don’t respond to calls or emails during the day in peak season, we are most likely all up the mountain with clients.

Pay now and become an AB Verbier VIP.

First time with us

25 CHFs sign-up fee – which will also include your first booking request or 25 minutes of organisation time.
***PLEASE do not call us unless you have paid this initial fee online

Previously booked a VIP experience

If you have booked an Above & Beyond VIP experience this season you automatically get your AB Verbier VIP pass, plus first request free of charge for the season – please mention this in your email or at the start of your call.

Option 1

Single Call Requests

– 10 single call requests
– restaurant bookings, hair cuts, last-minute emergency & more
– 100 CHFs, so just 10 CHFs per call

100CHF/10 calls


Buy now
Option 2

Bookings, itineraries, quotes

– 25 CHFs minimum charge
– 25 CHFs/15 minutes of our time used
– Our fee plus activity fee is booked as one – have details ready

– Week long itinerary + bookings is 300 CHFs



Quality Over Quantity

Single request types

Confirmation will be whatsapp’d to the client


In - town taxis

Please have full addresses for pick up and drop off points, exact times and guest numbers ready before you place the request.

Airport transfers

Please email the details of your flight, plus the amount of luggage you are taking with you, the number of guests and ages of any children travelling with you in order for this to be a single call request - failure to do this will mean this enquiry will be charged at the longer request rate.

Heli transfers

This includes transfers to and from Sion or Geneva airport and Le Chable helipad. Please provide guest names, and let us know your preferred time, and helipad destination. Please note that the helicopters can take a max of 5 guests and limited in cab luggage.

Restaurant bookings

Please be as detailed as you can with regards to numbers of guests and time required for the booking, detail any allergies. In high season please give us as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment. One restaurant call qualifies as a single call request, no changes will be included in this price. Please supply us with your credit card details in advance of the call as several restaurants require this to confirm the booking. *Failure to notify the restaurant or us of changes or cancellations to your plans with less than 24 hours notice, will require a 50 CHF/head cancellation fee by the restaurant to cover their loss.

Hair cuts, massages, beauty treatments

Please inform us of your exact requirements before placing the request, including information on hair length, cut, colour, blowdry, for haircuts, spa days, and details of any injuries or allergies for massages or beauty treatments.
  • *Cancellation calls or calls for up to one change on the booking will not be charged a second call fee if the request is simple, however, this is at the discretion of the organiser, and depends on the time required to address the request.
  • You will still need to pay for the call request if the restaurants or suppliers are fully booked, however we will do our best to find you a suitable replacement. High season might require a long-term request payment if you are not booking far in advance.
verbier concierge

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch! Contact

Quality Over Quantity

Longer request bookings

Most reservations are charged at 25 CHFs for 15 minutes of organisation time, plus the cost of the experience or request. Most of the Verbier experiences will be charged full price in advance, upon confirmation of the booking. Some requests have a minimum flat rate which needs to be paid in advance.


Chalet rental and hotel reservation

We require a full brief of your preferences, and the basic rate for the booking is 25 CHFs for 15 minutes of our time, and we require credit card details in advance of the call.

Restaurant & après suggestions for a long weekend or week long trip - Itinerary only

If you are new to Verbier, or aren't sure where are the best places for your group, we can provide you with an itinerary of suggestions - which you can either call to reserve yourself, or we could do it for you. The cost for Itinerary only is 100 CHFs for a weekend, 150CHFs for a long weekend, and 200 CHFs for a week; with additional edits, changes etc be charged at 25 CHFs for 15 minutes of time. If you would like us to call and reserve these for you, you will need to pay for the Itinerary and reservations service. See below.

Long weekend or week-long trip. Itinerary plus reservation calls - Itinerary PLUS calls

We can plan and organise your whole trip, including hotel, lunches, activities and suppers in restaurants, spring, summer, autumn and winter - we charge a minimum rate of 200 CHFs for a weekend itinerary plus reservation calls; 250 CHFs + for a long weekend itinerary plus calls; and 300 CHFs for a week's itinerary plus calls, with additional edits, changes, cancellations to be charged at 25 CHFs for 15 minutes of time. PLEASE note, for many restaurants, we require credit card details to confirm the booking, so please provide this at your earliest convenience. For cancellations less than 24 hours before the booking, some restaurants require a 50 CHFs cancellation fee per head to cover their loss.

Long weekend or week long reservations - Reservation calls only

Whether you use us to plan your itinerary, or have done it yourself, we can make the calls and book your hotel, lunches and suppers in restaurants, apres ski for your whole trip - we charge a minimum rate of 100 CHFs for a weekend itinerary of calls, and 150 CHFs + for a long weekend with time charged at 25 CHFs for 15 minutes of time. Confirmations will be sent via Whatsapp, unless you pay for our itinerary service as well.

Snowsports instruction booking, ski, snowboard, ski touring, telemark

Please provide us with the number of guests, age, fitness level, ski level, time skied in the past, and names of all involved, plus details of what you would like to be covered in the lesson, or day.

Sports equipment rental

If you supply us with height, weight, foot size, skill level, equipment level, silver, gold or platinum, + age of everyone who needs rental equipment at the start of the call or message, we charge a flat rate of 10 CHFs per person, changes and chasing re sizes means the fee will increase to 25 CHFs/ 15 mins of any additional time spent on the booking.

Chalet supermarket shops

A detailed shopping list and credit card details are required in advance - shops usually take around an hour of time as an estimate if the list is simple and specific brands are not required. it is charged at a minimum price of 100 CHFs, plus the cost of the food bill. If items are not possible to find in one shop, then we will charge 25 CHFs per hour for any additional time spent on top.

In chalet private chef, catering services

  • Delicious food, cooked for you in the comfort of your chalet or apartment.
  • Dinner party chef;
  • Kitchen supper chef;
  • Raclette, fondue or/and pierrade evening;
  • Easy pre-made suppers

Wine buying

We can either buy your wine based on a brief you give us, or we can make suggestions according to your preferences or planned menu for your trip. We can also arrange for a wine tasting and/or pairing experience at your chalet.

Private handyman services, inc. snow clearing


Spa days or in-chalet beauty treatments


Christmas decorations


Photo and video shoots


Interior design projects


Learn something new

  • Learn a new language
  • Take Pilates lessons
  • Learn how to get into crypto
  • Learn how to photograph in the mountains
  • Understanding wine and food pairings
  • For our Above & Beyond VIP experiences like marriage proposals, weddings, corporate events, glacier heli lunches, heli skiing trips please visit the A&B VIP website.
  • *Please visit Above & Beyond Taste for more foodie experiences, and to access our new online food & drink and table design accessories shop
  • In high season, we can get very busy, with the whole team up on the mountain with clients during the day -** a whatsapp message is the fastest way to get hold of us. Emails or calls will be subject to a longer delay. Please do give us as much advance warning for changes and cancellations.