We organise things and we get stuff done!

We are the ultimate organisers in Verbier, we are insiders and know everything that’s going on, we know all the people worth knowing and work with the best suppliers and partners in town.

How can we help?

We can organise pretty much anything you want – Above & Beyond Verbier has organised ski lessons for royalty, snow picnics for film stars, photoshoots for fashion models, marriage proposals on glaciers, alpine weddings, birthdays, heli-trips, ice bars, chocolate making classes, private jet flights, home renovations, language lessons, dog walking, snow clearing, corporate events, wine tastings, pilates classes, chalets, hotels, quad bikes – the list goes on.

What is the A&B Verbier VIP pass?

Our time is money well spent, so this is the year we launch our VIP AB Verbier Pass.  An exclusive VIP club membership giving you Whatsapp access to our insider knowledge. Sign up for as little as 25 CHFs and make booking experiences in Verbier seamless.

Why do we charge for our time?

Why are we charging before even speaking to you? Because we know we go above and beyond for our clients and are confident you will see the value of having THE VERBIER EXPERTS at the click of a button and sign up straight away. See below for more information on how we can help you make the most of your stay in Verbier.

Because booking with us will give you the ultimate Verbier experience

Why not book it all yourself? Because we take the stress and effort out of booking your holiday in Verbier. A holiday doesn’t seem like a holiday if you are worn out with stress just by booking it in the first place. We choose the best suppliers based on our VIP criteria – the expertise of course is paramount, but also experience with, and feedback from our clients is a key factor, a personality match with you, the speed and quality of how they work, among other things.  All you need to do is to supply us with the information about what you want, and we’ll sort it in the most efficient way possible – Verbier at the click of a button.